Where are we all?

There has been some interest for a while in having a map available of where some of the folks on SACanada are located.  I have therefore tried to devise a way to show this. However, with some 1200 folks registered on this forum, this is a near- impossible task. I have therefore elected to map the 100 or so folks that have posted more than 20 posts. To the extent that there is considerable interest from people (still in South Africa) in some of the smaller centres in Canada, I have further elected to specifically include some folks that are living in these smaller places.

I have approached this by first making a map of the entire Canada, from which folks can then select a Province. By clicking on that province on the map, you will be taken to a web page dedicated to that province. I have divided it that way, so that our members in South Africa do not have a huge download problem over dial-up networks. They just need to select the Province or Territory that they are interested in.

To go to any individual province, just click on it.Be very careful with "little" Prince Edward Island just above Nova Scotia. To get back to this page, just click on the miniature map of Canada. You have to come back to this page to select another province or territory.

The whole thing is best viewed in Full Screen mode with 1024X768 screen size.

Happy Hunting!


The maps on this site are courtesy Resources Canada. SACanada has no relationship with resources Canada, nor does the fact that the map is posted here, imply that Resources Canada supports SACanada in any way.